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Housing Loan
Customer Support
Central Departments Managers
Mr. Nagi Keyrouz
Corporate & Medium Sized Business Banking
Ms. Salwa Khoury
Corporate & Medium Sized Business Banking
Mr. Walid Souaid
Corporate & Medium Sized Business Banking
Mr. Daniel Jiz
Corporate & Medium Sized Business Banking
Mr. Fadlo Choueiri
Securitization & Structured Finance
Mr. Meguerditch Bouldoukian
Global Business development
Mr. Yasser Mortada
Business Development for Domestic Corporate Affairs
Mr. Anthony Jabbour
Financial Institutions & Correspondent Banking
Ms. Dina Chamseddine
Commercial Retail Lending & Kafalat
Mr. Fady Sader
Consumer Banking & Retail Products
Mr. Pierre Abou Merhi
Recovery Department
Mr. Youssef Khoriaty
Information Department
Mr. Robert Araman
Treasury Management
Mr. Nabil Aouad
Foreign Exchange Management
Mr. Georges Homsy
Private Banking & Wealth Management
Mr. Nadim Chbeir
Foreign Entities
Mr. Elie Torbey
Insurance Services
Mr. Elias Azzam
Marketing & Sales Management
Mr. Johnny Torbey
Cards Systems, Applications & Development
Mr. Roy Khalaf
Cards Administration & Operations
Ms. Grace Azoury
E-channels and Customer Service
Mr. Alexandre Saghbini
Merchant Relationships
Ms. Najwa Hajjar
Public Relations
Ms. Nina Srour
Consumer Protection & Corporate Publishing
Ms. Yvette Kabkab
Head of Chairman's Office
Ms. Hayat Nader
Mr. Antoine Saad
AML / CFT - Correspondent Banking
Mr. Charles Mousallem
Ms. Aline Aziz
Research & Training for AML
Mr. Bahjat Abi Nader
Regulatory Compliance
Mr. Najib Batlouni
Central Operations
Mr. Joseph Aoukar
Trade Finance
Mr. Said Khairallah
Treasury & Global Markets Back Office
Mr. Jean Mikhael
Administration & Support Services
Ms. Marie Paule Najm
Quality Management
Mr. Claude Saade
System Implementation & Support
Ms. Joelle Nasr
Methods & Procedures
Ms. Liliane Smayra
Product Development
Ms. Fabiola Abou Ghazali
Business Continuity Planning
Mr. Tony Chebli
Information Security
Ms. Mireille Hardane
Operational Risk Management
Ms. Pauline Feghali
Credit Administraton & Control
Ms. Nazha Awad
Retail Commercial Credit Risk Analysis
Mr. Camille Adouane
Credit & IT & E-Banking Audit
Mr. Ghassan Mouzawak
Head Office Audit
Ms. Marie Nahoul
Branches Audit
Mr. Jacques Matta
Back Office Audit
Ms. Laureine Bou Malhab
Recruitment & Evaluation
Mr. Bassam Nammour
Training & Development
Ms. Gretta Bridi
Compensation & Benefits
Mr. Elie Gergi
IT Infra-structure
Mr. Hanna Azzam
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Mr. Joseph Youssef El Soueidy
Central Accounting
Ms. Therese Hajj
Performance & Budget Control
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Online & Phone Banking service – BDL 1/984 – July 11,2000
PayMobey service - BDL legal department 11/391 - August 14, 2013
Mobile Application service – BDL legal department 11/392 - August 14, 2013
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