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Our business continuity program is planned to safeguard the Bank’s assets and all stakeholders’ interests, protect employees, and instill a culture of preparedness and action in case of any eventual drastic event. At Credit Libanais, business continuity is an ongoing process submitted to regular evaluation by the Bank Senior Executive Management, revision, and practice. This program is in compliance with Credit Libanais Board decisions, the Central Bank of Lebanon and Banking Control Commission in Lebanon and those of the regulatory requirements issued by other Central Banks and Banking supervisors of the host countries where Group Credit Libanais has presence (as applicable). It is also based on international practices and publications, in line with the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision regulations related to the management of business continuity, and other major international business continuity frameworks.

Our business continuity plan is regularly updated based on the changes in the business processes, technological progress that allow faster and more efficient processing, audit recommendations and lessons learnt from testing. The Bank is adding on continuous basis new qualified resources to improve its business continuity planning accordingly.

Many comprehensive business continuity testing involving many critical activities of the Bank are performed on regular basis under the internal audit supervision or other external audit review, as applicable in the host countries where Credit Libanais Group has presence; this enables the Bank to determine the reliability and compatibility of our backup facilities, verify the completeness and accuracy of our plans, verify that our recovery time objectives are met, identify the areas that need enhancement, provide training for our teams and prepare them for any eventuality. As part of the Bank business continuity program, emergency evacuation drills namely in the Headquarters are also conducted at least once annually, to ensure that staff is practically aware of the evacuation practices.

All the previous is completed under the close oversight of the Bank Senior Executive Management to ensure the Bank business continuity program a) remains in compliance with the regulatory requirements; b) is able to face the wide variety of any new eventual emerging risks and threats on the business; and c) is maintained aligned with Credit Libanais’ corporate business continuity strategy.

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