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  • We’ve made some changes to our 3D Secure authentication service

Credit Libanais has enhanced its 3D Secure authentication service from a static passcode to a dynamic one-time passcode that you will  instantly receive by SMS every time you shop online in order to ensure a secure and convenient shopping experience.

This enhanced service is offered to you free of charge and is available on debit and credit Mastercard & Visa cards.

No need to register, create and remember a static passcode anymore.
This service protects you against fraudulent transactions via an OTP sent by SMS, needed to complete an online transaction at any 3D Secure participating merchants.


  • What is an OTP?

The OTP is an added online authentication feauture provided by Credit Libanais to give you an extra layer of security when conducting an online transaction at any 3D Secure participating merchants using your Credit Libanais card.
OTP is a numeric six (6) digits code generated and sent within one (1) minute via SMS to your mobile number registered at the bank and used for the SMS alert service.
It is valid for ten (10) minutes only.
Each OTP is valid for one (1) single online transaction and therefore the same OTP cannot be used more than once.


  • How can I use an OTP?


  • Tips to remember:
  1. If you do not receive your OTP within 1 minute, you can request another one by clicking the “Resend” button.
  2. Your OTP is valid for 10 minutes only and expires after that. In such case you need to request another one.
  3. You are allowed 3 attempts using the same OTP. After that you will be redirected to the merchant’s page and will be asked to start the purchasing process all over again.


3D Secure One-Time Passcode

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